Welcome to our new website!

Anant Enterprise entered the hotel business in  2006! Since then, we decided we finally needed to get a brand new website. At Anant, we believe in creating a culture that promotes doing the right things in life and mixing a little fun with business. You can’t always be serious in life. Our hotel represents this culture in each and every room.

We are a cutting-edge company and believe in treating our customers, employees and vendors with the utmost respect. Remember the classic saying: treat others how you want to be treated? It is the creed we live and work by.

We want to stay connected with our friends and vendors all across Omaha, Lincoln and Kansas City and this is how we can do that! These are the top features on our new website:


Anant Enterprise is located all over Omaha, Lincoln and Kansas City. We have a diverse range of hotels and businesses from EVEN Hotel Omaha to Holiday Inn Express and  Suites Topeka North! Each hotel provides a different experience.

Are you into wellness, fitness and living a balanced life? The best hotel for you is EVEN Hotel Omaha! Are you looking for a family-friendly environment? Check out any of our Holiday Inn hotels. Did we mention that Holiday Inn Downtown Omaha-Airport has a waterpark?!

- Job applications:

As a leading company in the Omaha and Lincoln-areas, we are looking for the best individuals to work with us. Are you motivated, goal-oriented and ambitious? Apply now and see what opportunities await you at Anant Enterprise.  

- Industry news:

We want to keep in touch with our followers and vendors! Want to know more about what is going on at our hotels and new construction projects? Follow us for weekly updates on all things in the hotel industry.

We also want to keep in contact with you! Follow us on social media:

EVEN Hotel Omaha

Holiday Inn Omaha Downtown

Burger Theory Omaha 

Check out the new website and let us know how it is! While you’re there, check out our hotels. A night of fun is waiting for you!

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