Fun things to do and see for first-time Omaha vistiors

If this is your first time to Nebraska, welcome! Most might think of the Midwest as being a region  permeated with corn stalks, cattle and farmlands, a common misconception we understand. Yes, it is true the picturesque Great Plains stretches beyond the horizon but Nebraska is actually a bustling state! Whether you come in the summer or winter, there is always something to do in the Cornhusker State.

The history of Nebraska

Nebraska became the 37th state to join the union March 1, 1867, only two years after the Civil War ended. Before its statehood, Nebraska resembled nothing close to its present-day scene!  Very few people lived in the state.

However, Nebraska’s population grew during the Gold Rush in California! Fast-forward today, Nebraska currently has over 1.8 million residents! The state capital is Lincoln, Nebraska home of the Huskers, UNL and the Haymarket area.

Where should you go?

In the summer, you’ll find a ton of different concerts, events, farmers markets and more to do because the weather permits it. During the winter, you’ll want to find somewhere warm and cozy because it gets cold here!

So we came up with a list of events and things to see while in Omaha!

1. If you are here with family members or visiting people with kids, you can all hang out at the Omaha Children’s Museum. They have a variety of interactive classes and events for the kids and there is always an event going on. Anant offers promotion packages at Holiday Inn Omaha Downtown and EVEN Hotel Omaha, just follow this link to learn more!

The museum presents its permanent exhibits, and also features special exhibits that change with the month or week.

2. A beautiful building with even more beautiful pieces inside is the Joslyn Art Museum. This museum is free to the general public. They offer special events for children, family and adults throughout the year along with musical events. There are teenage and children programs on the weekends plus an interactive kids section of the museum.

3. If you are into drinking and live music, there are plenty of places in Omaha as well. There is the Slowdown. This is a local spot loved by locals to big-time famous bands and musicians that come to town and play. The Holiday Inn Downtown Omaha is minutes away by foot!

4. There is the Waiting Room in Benson. They have a number of local bands and well-known bands who rock out here.  Plus, there is always the Centurylink Center which has a number of famous musicians from hip-hop to country music who come frequently. Check out the lineup to get tickets for when you come!

5. Nebraska is known for its craft beer scene. If you are looking for a wheat beer to a killer IPA, you’ve landed in the right state. A great event that happens every year is the Great Nebraska Beer Fest. Over a 100 local and non-local distributors come together to let Nebraskans taste their ciders, wines and IPAs.

6. There is always the Wine and Hot Air Balloon Festival if you aren’t a beer person. This takes place over a course of two days with wineries all over Nebraska and Iowa. There are tons of vendors for food and shops, plus you can take the kids into the bounce houses. The hot air balloons only go up  weather permitting.

7. College World Series is another  great yearly event!  Every June, college baseball teams and fans come to Omaha with one thing in mind, baseball! The nearly two-week event creates an electrifying atmosphere downtown with tons to do.  Our Holiday Inn is conveniently located across the street from the baseball stadium!

8. A great place to visit during any season in Nebraska is the Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium! The zoo has the world’s largest indoor desert, indoor jungle and nocturnal exhibit! The exhibits are interactive for the entire family. It takes a least one day to get through this zoo and that is if you walk fast It hosts a number of different events throughout the year as well.

9. Before you head to the zoo, check out the historical Old Market area in downtown Omaha. There are a ton of events during the summer time. There is a wide range of places to places to eat, drink, shop and stroll around down there.

This is just a small comprehensive list of what there is to do in Omaha! These are 10 of the top rated attractions. Your best bet while here is to find a local and pick their brain, they will lead you in the right direction!

As you can see, Omaha is a bustling city! Don't let the corn stocks and plains fool you, we are on the map. Come hangout with us for a weekend of fun. The Holiday Inn Omaha Downtown-Airport is located minutes away from all of these attractions with a shuttle bus available to guest! 

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